jueves, 17 de abril de 2008

Unit 2 * Caught in the rush. Composition and a letter to the mayor telling about traffic in Maracaibo or your town or public service problems.

It is a pleasure to greet you on this occasion, wishing you success in your great work, congratulating you on the excellent progress we see in our Municipality, in terms of traffic, all this is for the new traffic lights installed at key points. Security has improved with the creation of our Municipal Police of San Francisco, where we see an excellent academic preparation and serving the call of the citizens quickly. But the road is a problem that has taken a long time to solve. Mr. Mayor, there are many areas in which it is almost impossible to pass, because of bad roads and highways. An an example, the road that leads to Venezuela. Population has been growing extremely fast in that area and the roads collapse at rush hour. At night, there is very bad lighting and that had not been given maintenance in a long time, and almost all the poles were toppled by vehicles in traffic crashes and haven't been replaced.

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